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StSvtAnalysis Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StSvtAnalysis (int numOfHybrids)
void SetPointers (StSvtHybridData *hybAdjData, StSvtHybridData *hybRawData, StSvtHybridCluster *hybClu, StSvtHybridBadAnodes *SvtBadAnode, int numOfHybrids, int PedOffset)
void setArrays (int TotalNumberOfHybrids)
void setMemory ()
void calcMoments (int clu)
void oneOrTwoAnodeMoments (int clu, int peakPosTim)
void finalMoments (int clu, int numAnodes)
void newCluster (int clu, int numAnodes, int igt3)
void FirstAndLastAnodes ()
void CluFirstTimeBin ()
void CluLastTimeBin ()
void MomentAnalysis ()
int GetFirstAnode (int clu)
int GetLastAnode (int clu)
int GetFirstTimeBin (int clu)
int GetLastTimeBin (int clu)
int GetCluFlag (int clu)
int GetDeconvFlag (int clu)
int return_oneortwoanode_flag (int clu)
int GetCluPeakAdc (int clu)
int GetCluNumAnodes (int clu)
int GetCluNumPixels (int clu)
int GetnSvtClu ()
int GetCluID (int clu)
int GetCluDeconvID (int clu)
int GetTruth (int clu)
double GetCluCharge (int clu)
double GetMeanClusterAnode (int clu)
double GetMeanClusterTimeBin (int clu)
double GetSecondMomClusterAnode (int clu)
double GetSecondMomClusterTimeBin (int clu)
double GetCluXCov (int clu)
double GetCluYCov (int clu)
void Report (int index)
void SetBadAnTb (int numClus)
void LoadAnodeGains ()
int Print_Pixels (int iRows, int iCols, int clu)
int Fill_Pixel_Array (int clu)
void free_matrix_d (int **, int)
int ** malloc_matrix_d (int iRows, int iCols)
POINTFind_Peaks (int iRows, int iCols, int *iNumPeaks)
float IsValidPeak (int iRows, int iCols, POINT *Peaks, int iNumPeaks)
int BlockOut (int x, int y)
int Fit_Peaks (int iRows, int iCols, int iNumPeaks, POINT *Peaks, int clu)
int CatagorizeCluster (int iRows, int iCols, int igt3, int clu)
int Deconvolve_Cluster (int iRows, int iCols, int clu)
void SetHybIndex (int index)
int FillRawAdc ()
void ClearRawAdc ()
void updateTruth ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file StSvtAnalysis.hh.

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