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StSvtSignal Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void setOption (int option)
void setAnodeTimeBinSizes (double timBinSize, double anodeSize)
void setDriftVelocity (double driftVelocity)
void setCloud (StSvtElectronCloud *elCloud)
double chargeFraction (int an, double anHit)
int timeCenterAndWidth (double anHit, double timeHit)
void setTimeWidth (double timWidth)
void calcConvSignal (double chargeOnAnode)
void selemonSignal (int nMin, int nMax, double tStep, double charge)
void rykovSignal (int nMin, int nMax, double tStep)
void pasaRelatedStuff ()
void doPasaOnly (int option)
void peakingTimeR ()
void halfWidthAtHalfMaxR ()
void peakingTimeS ()
void halfWidthAtHalfMaxS ()
void unNormPasaConst ()
void normPasaConst ()
void arrays ()
double signal (double t)
double getShortSignal (double localTime)
double getLongSignal (double localTime)
double useArrays5And6 (double ds1, double dsc)
double useArrays3And4Or1And2 (double ds1, double dsc)
double numConvInt (int nMin, int n, int numOfIntPoints, double tStep, double t)
double analConvInt (double tim, double sigmat, double tc)
double simpsonInt (int numOfIntPoints, double lowlim, double step, double t)
double gausInput (double tim)
double pasaRes (double tim)
double freq (double num)
double prob1 (double anOrTimeDiff, double sigma)
double prob2 (double num, double sigma)
int getLowTBin ()
int getHiTBin ()
int getTrackId () const
double getTimeCenter ()
double getTimeWidth ()
double getPeak ()
double getMinUnderShoot ()
double getSignal (int n)
void resetPeakAndUnderShoot ()
void resetSignal (int lBin, int hBin)

Detailed Description

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