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StSvtSimulation Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void setOptions (int option)
void setElCloud (StSvtElectronCloud *elCloud)
void setAnodeTimeBinSizes (double timBinSize, double anodeSize)
void setDriftVelocity (double driftVelocity)
void setTrappingConst (double trapConst)
void setPasaSigAttributes (int pasaSigAttributes, int numOfAnodesPerHit=0)
void doCloud (double time, double Energy, double mTheta, double mPhi, int trackId)
void fillBuffer (double mAnHit, double mTimeHit, StSvtHybridPixelsD *svtSimDataPixels)
PasaSignalAttributes getPasaSigAttributes ()
double getPeak ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file StSvtSimulation.hh.

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