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StTinyMcTrack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StTinyMcTrack:
StMiniMcPair StContamPair

Public Member Functions

void setPtMc (Float_t val)
void setPzMc (Float_t val)
void setEtaMc (Float_t val)
void setPhiMc (Float_t val)
void setNHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNSvtHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNSsdHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNFtpcHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNBemcHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNBprsHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNBsmdeHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNBsmdpHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNEemcHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNEprsHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNEsmduHitMc (Short_t val)
void setNEsmdvHitMc (Short_t val)
void setGeantId (int val)
void setPdgId (int val)
void setChargeMc (Short_t val)
void setNAssocGl (Short_t val)
void setNAssocPr (Short_t val)
void setStopR (Float_t val)
void setKey (Int_t val)
void setPrimary (Bool_t val)
void setValid ()
void setParentKey (Int_t val)
void setParentGeantId (int val)
void setEmcEnergyMcHit (Float_t val, size_t index)
void setEmcEnergyMcSum (Float_t val)
void setEmcSoftIdHiTowerMc (Short_t val, size_t index)
float ptMc () const
float pxMc () const
float pyMc () const
float pzMc () const
float pMc () const
float etaMc () const
float phiMc () const
short nHitMc () const
short nSvtHitMc () const
short nSsdHitMc () const
short nFtpcHitMc () const
short nBemcHitMc () const
short nBprsHitMc () const
short nBsmdeHitMc () const
short nBsmdpHitMc () const
short nEemcHitMc () const
short nEprsHitMc () const
short nEsmduHitMc () const
short nEsmdvHitMc () const
int geantId () const
short chargeMc () const
short nAssocGl () const
short nAssocPr () const
float stopR () const
int key () const
Bool_t isPrimary () const
Bool_t isValid ()
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const
int parentKey () const
int parentGeantId () const
float emcEnergyMcHit (size_t index) const
float emcEnergyMcSum () const
short emcSoftIdHiTowerMc (size_t index) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file StTinyMcTrack.h.

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