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StTinyRcTrack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StTinyRcTrack:
StMiniMcPair StContamPair

Public Member Functions

void setValidGl ()
void setValidPr ()
void setPtPr (Float_t val)
void setPzPr (Float_t val)
void setEtaPr (Float_t val)
void setPhiPr (Float_t val)
void setDca (int idca)
void setDcaPr (Float_t val)
void setDcaXYPr (Float_t val)
void setDcaZPr (Float_t val)
void setDcaXYPrMcV (Float_t val)
void setDcaZPrMcV (Float_t val)
void setCurvPr (Float_t val)
void setTanLPr (Float_t val)
void setErrPr (Float_t val[5])
void setChi2Pr (Float_t val)
void setFlag (Short_t val)
void setDedx (Float_t val)
void setPtGl (Float_t val)
void setPzGl (Float_t val)
void setEtaGl (Float_t val)
void setPhiGl (Float_t val)
void setDca00 (Float_t val)
void setDcaGl (Float_t val)
void setDcaXYGl (Float_t val)
void setDcaZGl (Float_t val)
void setDcaXYGlMcV (Float_t val)
void setDcaZGlMcV (Float_t val)
void setCurvGl (Float_t val)
void setTanLGl (Float_t val)
void setErrGl (Float_t val[5])
void setPidPion (Float_t val)
void setPidProton (Float_t val)
void setPidKaon (Float_t val)
void setPidElectron (Float_t val)
void setFirstZ (Float_t val)
void setLastZ (Float_t val)
void setFirstPadrow (Short_t val)
void setLastPadrow (Short_t val)
void setFirstFitPadrow (Short_t val)
void setLastFitPadrow (Short_t val)
void setRecoKey (Int_t val)
void setFirstSector (Short_t val)
void setLastSector (Short_t val)
void setFitPts (Short_t val)
void setFitFtpc (Short_t val)
void setFitSvt (Short_t val)
void setFitSsd (Short_t val)
void setDedxPts (Short_t val)
void setAllPts (Short_t val)
void setCharge (Short_t val)
void setNAssocMc (Short_t val)
void setNPossible (Short_t val)
void setEmcTowerAdc (Short_t val, size_t index)
void setEmcEnergyRcHit (Float_t val, size_t index)
void setEmcSoftIdHiTowerRc (Short_t val, size_t index)
void setSeedQuality (UShort_t qa)
float ptPr () const
float pxPr () const
float pyPr () const
float pzPr () const
float pPr () const
float etaPr () const
float phiPr () const
float dcaPr () const
float dcaXYPr () const
float dcaZPr () const
float curvPr () const
float tanLPr () const
float errPr (size_t i) const
float chi2Pr () const
short flag () const
float dedx () const
float ptGl () const
float pxGl () const
float pyGl () const
float pzGl () const
float pGl () const
float etaGl () const
float phiGl () const
float dcaGl () const
float dcaXYGl () const
float dcaZGl () const
float curvGl () const
float tanLGl () const
float errGl (size_t i) const
float pidPion () const
float pidProton () const
float pidKaon () const
float pidElectron () const
float firstZ () const
float lastZ () const
short firstPadrow () const
short lastPadrow () const
short firstFitPadrow () const
short fastFitPadrow () const
int recoKey () const
short firstSector () const
short lastSector () const
short fitPts () const
short fitPtsFtpc () const
short fitPtsSvt () const
short fitPtsSsd () const
short dedxPts () const
short allPts () const
short charge () const
short nAssocMc () const
short nPossiblePts () const
short emcTowerAdc (size_t index) const
float emcEnergyRcHit (size_t index) const
short emcSoftIdHiTowerRc (size_t index) const
UShort_t seedQuality ()
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file StTinyRcTrack.h.

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