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StTofSimParam Class Reference

Time-of-Flight Simulation Utilities. More...

Public Member Functions

 StTofSimParam ()
 Slow simulator for MRPC-TOF. More...
 ~StTofSimParam ()
 default empty destructor
void init ()
 initializes calibration from XDF or dBase (not functioning yet)
void print ()
float adc_overflow () const
float attlen () const
float cath_eff () const
float cath_surf () const
float delay () const
float elec_noise () const
float gate_t0 () const
float gate_width () const
float geo_from_geant () const
float GeV_2_n_photons () const
float nphe_to_adc () const
float phys_noise () const
float position_tolerance () const
float slat_para () const
float start_res () const
float surf_loss () const
float tdc_overflow () const
float time_res () const
int ngap () const
int nmaxclus () const
float din () const
float dout () const
float dg () const
float alpha () const
float er () const
float ka () const
float nclus (float beta) const
float vd_mean () const
float nmeane () const
float nmaxe () const
float dt () const
int ndt () const
float toffset () const
float adc_thre () const
float dy_xtalk () const
float timeres_fee () const
float timeres_tof () const
float thre_tof () const
float timeres_vpd () const
float thre_vpd () const
float eff_tof (int itray, int imodule, int icell) const
float eff_vpd (int itray, int itube) const
bool simuTofp () const
bool simuVpd () const
bool simuTofFast () const
bool simuTofSlow () const
void setSimuTofp (bool val)
void setSimuVpd (bool val)
void setSimuTofFast (bool val)
void setSimuTofSlow (bool val)

Detailed Description

Time-of-Flight Simulation Utilities.

Frank Geurts

A package of simulation routines for the STAR Time-of-Flight detector. Currently the only method prints the default initialized values.

To do:

Definition at line 24 of file StTofSimParam.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StTofSimParam::StTofSimParam ( )

Slow simulator for MRPC-TOF.

default constructor, initializes default simulation parameters

Default Switches

Tofp simulation parameters

MRPC TOF simulation parameters






in ps

maximum ndt in slow simulation

time to start slow simulation (ps)


fast simulation parameters


put the list of dead channels here

Definition at line 60 of file StTofSimParam.cxx.

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