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StTofrGeometry Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StTofrGeometry:

Public Member Functions

 StTofrGeometry (const char *name="tofrGeo", const char *title="Simplified Tofr Geometry")
Bool_t IsBSEC (const TVolume *element) const
Bool_t IsBTRA (const TVolume *element) const
Bool_t IsBRMD (const TVolume *element) const
Bool_t ContainOthers (TVolume *element)
void Init (TVolume *starHall)
void InitFromStar (TVolume *starHall)
Bool_t IsInitDone () const
Bool_t IsCellValid (const Int_t icell) const
Bool_t IsSensorValid (const Int_t imodule) const
Bool_t IsTrayValid (const Int_t itray) const
Int_t CalcCellId (const Int_t volumeId, const Double_t *local) const
Int_t CalcCellId (const Int_t volumeId, const Float_t *local) const
Int_t CalcSensorId (const Int_t imodule, const Int_t itray=0) const
Int_t PrevCellId (const Int_t cellId) const
Int_t NextCellId (const Int_t cellId) const
Int_t CalcCellId (const Int_t icell, const Int_t imodule, const Int_t itray=0) const
void DecodeVolumeId (const Int_t volumeId, Int_t &imodule, Int_t &itray) const
Bool_t DecodeSensorId (const Int_t sensorId, Int_t &imodule, Int_t &itray) const
Bool_t DecodeCellId (const Int_t cellId, Int_t &icell, Int_t &imodule, Int_t &itray) const
Int_t GetCellIndex (const Int_t cellId) const
Int_t CellsInModule (const Int_t imodule=0, const Int_t itray=0) const
Int_t ModulesInTray (const Int_t itray=0) const
Int_t Trays () const
const char * GeoRootFile ()
virtual void Print (Option_t *opt="") const
TVolumeViewGetTopNode () const
StTofrGeomSensorGetGeomCell (const Int_t cellId) const
StTofrGeomSensorGetGeomSensor (const Int_t imodule, const Int_t itray=0) const
StTofrGeomTrayGetGeomTray (const Int_t itray=0) const
StTofrGeomTrayGetGeomTrayAt (const Int_t idx=0) const
Int_t GetAtOfTray (const Int_t itray=0) const
Int_t CellIdPointIn (const StThreeVectorD &point) const
Bool_t HelixCrossCellIds (const StHelixD &helix, IntVec &idVec, DoubleVec &pathVec, PointVec &crossVec) const
Bool_t HelixCrossCellIds (const StHelixD &helix, IntVec validModuleVec, IntVec projTrayVec, IntVec &idVec, DoubleVec &pathVec, PointVec &crossVec) const
Bool_t HelixCross (const StHelixD &helix) const
Bool_t HelixCross (const StHelixD &helix, IntVec validModuleVec, IntVec projTrayVec) const
Bool_t projTrayVector (const StHelixD &helix, IntVec &trayVec) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Bool_t LackThis (const char *fromWhere)
static void DebugOn ()
static void DebugOff ()
static Bool_t IsDebugOn ()

Protected Attributes

const char * mRootFile
Int_t mSectorsInBTOH
 the root file of geometry
Int_t mTrays
Int_t mModulesInTray
Int_t mCellsInModule
Bool_t mInitFlag
Int_t mTofrConf
StTofrGeomTraymTofrTray [mNTrays]
StTofrGeomSensormTofrSensor [mNTrays][mNModules]
Int_t mNValidTrays
Int_t mNValidModules

Static Protected Attributes

static Int_t const mY03TrayIndex = 83
static Bool_t mDebug = kFALSE
static const char *const sectorPref = "BSEC"
 Control message printing of this class.
static const char *const trayPref = "BTRA"
static const char *const senPref = "BRMD"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 337 of file StTofrGeometry.h.

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