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StTpcDbElectronics Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StTpcDbElectronics:

Public Member Functions

double nominalGain () const
double channelGain (int, int, int) const
double channelGain (StTpcPadCoordinate &) const
double samplingFrequency () const
double tZero () const
double tZero (int, int, int) const
double tZero (StTpcPadCoordinate &) const
double shapingTime () const
double tau () const
double adcConversion () const
double adcConversionCharge () const
int numberOfTimeBins () const
int averagePedestal () const
int pedestal (int, int, int, int) const
int pedestal (StTpcPadCoordinate &) const
void print (ostream &=cout) const

Static Public Member Functions

static StTpcElectronicsinstance ()
static StTpcElectronicsinstance (StTpcDb *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file StTpcDbElectronics.hh.

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