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StTrsAnalogSignalGenerator Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for StTrsAnalogSignalGenerator:
StTrsParameterizedAnalogSignalGenerator StTrsSlowAnalogSignalGenerator

Public Member Functions

 StTrsAnalogSignalGenerator (StTpcGeometry *, StTpcSlowControl *, StTpcElectronics *, StTrsSector *)
virtual void inducedChargeOnPad (StTrsWireHistogram *, Int_t sector)=0
virtual void sampleAnalogSignal ()=0
virtual double signalSampler (double, StTrsAnalogSignal &)=0
void setDeltaPad (int)
void setDeltaRow (int)
void setSignalThreshold (double)
void setSuppressEmptyTimeBins (bool)
virtual void setNormalFactor (double FudgeFactor)
void addNoise (bool)
void setNoiseRMS (double)
void generateNoiseUnderSignalOnly (bool)

Protected Member Functions

void fractionSampled ()
double generateNoise () const

Protected Attributes

StTpcCoordinateTransform transformer
int mDeltaPad
int mDeltaRow
pair< int, int > mRowLimits
pair< int, int > mPadLimits
double mSignalThreshold
bool mSuppressEmptyTimeBins
StTrsAnalogSignal mElectronicSignal
vector< StTrsAnalogSignalmDiscreteAnalogTimeSequence
vector< StTrsAnalogSignal >
double mSigma1
double mSigma2
double mTau
double mSamplingFrequency
double mGain
double mFractionSampled
bool mAddNoise
bool mAddNoiseUnderSignalOnly
double mNoiseRMS
double mTimeShiftOfSignalCentroid

Static Protected Attributes

static HepJamesRandom mEngine
static RandGauss mGaussDistribution

Detailed Description

Definition at line 92 of file StTrsAnalogSignalGenerator.hh.

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