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StUeOffAxisCones Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StUeOffAxisCones:

Public Member Functions

float pt () const
float eta () const
float phi () const
float radius () const
float rpho () const
float mult () const
StJetTracktrack (int i) const
StJetTowertower (int i) const
StJetParticleparticle (int i) const
int numberOfTracks () const
int numberOfTowers () const
int numberOfParticles () const
const TRefArray & tracks () const
const TRefArray & towers () const
const TRefArray & particles () const
void setPt (float pt)
void setEtaPhi (float eta, float phi)
void setRadius (float radius)
void setMult (int mult)
StJetTrackaddTrack (StJetTrack *track)
StJetToweraddTower (StJetTower *tower)
StJetParticleaddParticle (StJetParticle *particle)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file StUeOffAxisCones.h.

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