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St_l3_Coordinate_Transformer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

int LoadTPCLookupTable (const char *filename="/L3/etc/map.bin")
void raw_to_global (const St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw, St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &global)
void raw_to_local (const St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw, St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &local)
void local_to_global (const St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw, const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &local, St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &global)
void global_to_raw (const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &global, St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw)
void global_to_raw (int sector, int row, const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &global, St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw)
void global_to_local (const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &global, St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &local, St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw)
void global_to_local (int sector, int row, const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &global, St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &local)
void local_to_raw (const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &global, const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &local, St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw)
void local_to_raw (int row, const St_l3_xyz_Coordinate &local, St_l3_ptrs_Coordinate &raw)
double GetSectorCos (int i)
double GetSectorSin (int i)
double GetRadialDistanceAtRow (int i)
int GetNumberOfPadsAtRow (int i)
void Set_parameters_by_hand (const double lengthPerTb=0.584, const double drift_length_inner=201., const double drift_length_outer=201.)
void Get_parameters_from_db ()
void Use_transformation_provided_by_db ()
void Print_parameters ()
double Get_drift_length_inner ()
double Get_drift_length_outer ()
double Get_lengthPerTb ()
double Get_max_timebucket_inner ()
double Get_max_timebucket_outter ()
int Get_transformation_errors ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file St_l3_Coordinate_Transformer.h.

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