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St_tpcSectorPositionC Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for St_tpcSectorPositionC:

Public Member Functions

tpcSectorPosition_st * Struct (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t innerSectorLocalxShift (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t innerSectorLocalyShift (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t innerSectorRotationAngle (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t innerSectorCovMatrix (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t outerSectorLocalxShift (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t outerSectorLocalyShift (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t outerSectorRotationAngle (Int_t i=0) const
Float_t outerSectorCovMatrix (Int_t i=0) const
Double_t innerPositionOffsetX (Int_t i=0) const
Double_t outerPositionOffsetX (Int_t i=0) const
Double_t innerRotation (Int_t i=0) const
Double_t outerRotation (Int_t i=0) const

Static Public Member Functions

static St_tpcSectorPositionCinstance ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file St_tpcSectorPositionC.h.

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