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StarDecayManager Class Reference

Connects VMC to class(es) which handle particle decays. More...

#include <StarDecayManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for StarDecayManager:

Public Member Functions

 StarDecayManager (const Char_t *name="DecayManager")
void Init ()
 Initializes the decayer.
void Decay (Int_t pdg, TLorentzVector *p=0)
 Decays the particle specified by PDG id and lorentz vector.
Int_t ImportParticles (TClonesArray *array=0)
 Returns the decay products in a TClonesArray of TParticle.
void SetForceDecay (Int_t pdgid)
void ForceDecay ()
Float_t GetPartialBranchingRatio (Int_t pdgid)
 Return the branching ratio for the spdcified PDG ID.
Float_t GetLifetime (Int_t pdgid)
 Return teh lifetime in seconds for the specified particle.
void ReadDecayTable ()
void ClearEvent ()
 Add a particle with specified PDG ID to the stack.
void SetDebug (Int_t dbg=1)
 Set the debug level.
void AddDecayer (Int_t pdgid, TVirtualMCDecayer *decayer)

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (StarDecayManager, 1)

Protected Attributes

map< Int_t, TVirtualMCDecayer * > mDecayer
TVirtualMCDecayer * mCurrentDecayer
Int_t mDebug

Detailed Description

Connects VMC to class(es) which handle particle decays.


The STAR Decay Manager is the interface between the virtual Monte Carlo and classes used to handle particle decays (Decayers). Particles which are not recognized by the Monte Carlo application will be passed to the decay manager. The decay manager decides which (if any) decayer is responsible for decaying the specified particle, and initiates the decay, and returns the list of particles to the calling code.

Definition at line 25 of file StarDecayManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StarDecayManager::AddDecayer ( Int_t  pdgid,
TVirtualMCDecayer *  decayer 

Register a particle deayer to the specified PDG id

pdgidIs the Particle Data Group ID. If pdgid=0, specifies the default decayer for all IDs not specifically mapped to a decayer.
decayerSpecifies an instance of TVirtualMCDecayer to handle the particle decay.

Definition at line 60 of file StarDecayManager.h.

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