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StarEvtGenDecayer Class Reference

STAR wrapper for EvtGen Decayer. More...

#include <StarEvtGenDecayer.h>

Inheritance diagram for StarEvtGenDecayer:

Public Member Functions

void Init ()
void Decay (Int_t pdgId, TLorentzVector *p)
 Decays the particle specified by PDG id and lorentz vector.
Int_t ImportParticles (TClonesArray *particles=0)
 Returns the decay products in a TClonesArray of TParticle.
void SetForceDecay (Int_t type)
void ForceDecay ()
Float_t GetPartialBranchingRatio (Int_t ipart)
 Return the branching ratio for the spdcified PDG ID.
Float_t GetLifetime (Int_t pdgid)
 Return teh lifetime in seconds for the specified particle.
void ReadDecayTable ()
void AppendParticle (Int_t pdgid, TLorentzVector *p=0)
 Add a particle with specified PDG ID to the stack.
void ClearEvent ()
 Clear the event.
void SetDebug (Int_t dbg=1)
 Set the debug level.
void SetDecayTable (TString decayTable)
 Modify EvtGen behavior.
void SetVertex (TLorentzVector *r)
 Modify initial vertex position.
 StarEvtGenDecayer (EvtGen *evtGen=NULL)
 Class constructor.
 ~StarEvtGenDecayer ()
 Class destructor.

Detailed Description

STAR wrapper for EvtGen Decayer.

Authors: Xiaozhi Bai (xiaoz.nosp@m.hi@u.nosp@m.ic.ed.nosp@m.u), Mustafa Mustafa (mmust.nosp@m.afa@.nosp@m.lbl.g.nosp@m.ov) Zhenyu Ye (yezhe.nosp@m.nyu@.nosp@m.uic.e.nosp@m.du)

Definition at line 26 of file StarEvtGenDecayer.h.

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