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StarGenStats Class Reference

End of run statistics for event generators. More...

#include <StarGenStats.h>

Inheritance diagram for StarGenStats:

Public Member Functions

 StarGenStats (const Char_t *name="stats", const Char_t *title="")
Double_t luminosity ()
Double_t luminosityErr ()
Double_t filterAcceptance ()
Double_t filterRejection ()
 ClassDef (StarGenStats, 1)

Public Attributes

Int_t nTried
Int_t nSelected
Int_t nAccepted
Double_t sigmaGen
Double_t sigmaErr
Double_t sumWeightGen
Int_t nFilterSeen
Int_t nFilterAccept

Detailed Description

End of run statistics for event generators.

Collects end of run statistics for event generators, e.g. number of trials, number of accepted events, total cross section, etc...

The meaning of the following variables should follow that documented here–

Jason C. Webb

Definition at line 21 of file StarGenStats.h.

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