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StiCATpcTrackerInterface Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StiCATpcTrackerInterface ()
 constructor - destructor
void SetNewEvent ()
void SetHits (HitMapToVectorAndEndType &map_)
void SetStiTracks (StiTrackContainer *fStiTracks_)
void Run ()
 Copy data to CATracker. Run CATracker. Copy tracks in fSeeds.
vector< Seed_t > & GetSeeds ()
void RunPerformance ()
vector< SeedHit_tGetSeedHits ()

Static Public Member Functions

static StiCATpcTrackerInterfaceInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

void MakeSettings ()
virtual void MakeHits ()
void MakeSeeds ()
void ConvertPars (const AliHLTTPCCATrackParam &caPar, double _alpha, StiNodePars &nodePars, StiNodeErrs &nodeErrs)
void FillStiPerformance ()

Protected Attributes

HitMapToVectorAndEndType * fHitsMap
vector< Seed_tfSeeds
vector< int > fIdTruth
vector< AliHLTTPCCAParamfCaParam
vector< AliHLTTPCCAGBHitfCaHits
vector< SeedHit_tfSeedHits
vector< AliHLTTPCCAGBHitfStiCaHits
vector< int > fStiIdTruth
vector< AliHLTTPCCAGBTrackfStiCaTracks
double fPreparationTime_real
double fPreparationTime_cpu

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file StiCATpcTrackerInterface.h.

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