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StiDetPolygon Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StiDetPolygon:

Public Types

typedef multimap< unsigned int,
StiDetPolygonSide * > 
typedef det_polygon_map::value_type det_polygon_map_ValType

Public Member Functions

 StiDetPolygon (unsigned int nsides, double phi0, double r)
unsigned int numberOfDetectors () const
bool isValid () const
void push_back (StiDetector *)
void clear ()
void clearAndDestroy ()
void reset ()
StiDetectoroperator* () const
void setToAngle (double angle)
StiDetectordetector (unsigned int side) const
StiDetectordetector (double angle) const
void operator++ ()
void operator-- ()
unsigned int side (double angle, bool debug=false) const
void print () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StiPolygon
 StiPolygon (unsigned int nsides, double phi0, double r)
unsigned int numberOfSides () const
double phi0 () const
double radius () const
double deltaPhi () const
virtual void setNumberOfSides (unsigned int)
virtual void setPhi0 (double)
virtual void setRadius (double)
virtual void write (const char *file) const
virtual void build (const char *file)

Protected Attributes

det_polygon_map msidemap
det_polygon_map::const_iterator mcurrent
- Protected Attributes inherited from StiPolygon
unsigned int mnsides
double mphi0
double mradius

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file StiDetPolygon.h.

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