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StiElossCalculator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StiElossCalculator (double zOverA, double ionization, double A, double Z, double Dens)
void set (double zOverA, double ionization, double A, double Z, double Dens)
virtual ~StiElossCalculator ()
double calculate (double charge2, double m, double beta2) const
double calcError (double charge2, double m, double beta2) const
double getzOverA () const
double getionization2 () const
double getA () const
double getZ () const
double getDens () const

Protected Attributes

double _zOverA
 Ratio of Z to A of the scattering material.
double _ionization2
 square of the ionization potential.
double _A
double _Z
double _Dens
int mId

Static Protected Attributes

static const double _k

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file StiElossCalculator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StiElossCalculator::~StiElossCalculator ( )

Energy Loss Calculator Constructor

zOverARatio of Z to A of the scattering material,
ionization2square of the ionization potential.

Definition at line 39 of file StiElossCalculator.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

double StiElossCalculator::calculate ( double  z2,
double  m,
double  beta2 
) const

Calculate and return the average energy loss for an incoming particle of atomic number "z", mass "m", and velocity "beta" according to the Bethe-Bloch specific energy loss equation. This function uses the material parameters stored within this object. p> The calculation of the maximum kinetic energy done here is exact. The density effects are neglected.

z2square of atomic number "z" of incoming particle,
_zOverARatio of Z to A of the scattering material,
mmass (in GeV/c2) of the incoming particle,
beta2square of the relative velocity (beta=v/c) of the incoming particle.
_ionization2square of the ionization potential.
runtime_errorwhenever beta2==1
energy loss in GeV*cm^2/g.

Definition at line 56 of file StiElossCalculator.cxx.

Referenced by StiKalmanTrackNode::propagateMCS().

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