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StiIsSvtActiveFunctor Class Reference

function object for determine a detector's active regions More...

#include <StiIsSvtActiveFunctor.h>

Inheritance diagram for StiIsSvtActiveFunctor:

Public Member Functions

 StiIsSvtActiveFunctor (Bool_t active=kTRUE, Bool_t editable=kTRUE)
 StiIsSvtActiveFunctor (Int_t barrel, Int_t ladder, Int_t nWafers, Double_t dY=3.0, Double_t dZ=3.0, Bool_t active=kTRUE, Bool_t editable=kTRUE)
virtual Bool_t operator() (Double_t dYlocal, Double_t dZlocal) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StiIsActiveFunctor
 StiIsActiveFunctor (Bool_t active=kTRUE, Bool_t editable=kTRUE)
virtual Bool_t isActive () const
 Returns whether the object is active.
virtual void setIsActive (Bool_t value)
 Set whether the object is active.
virtual Bool_t isEditable () const
 Returns whether the object is editable.
virtual void setIsEditable (Bool_t value)
 Set whether the object is editable.

Protected Attributes

Int_t _Barrel
Int_t _Ladder
Int_t _nWafers
Double_t _dY
Double_t _dZ
- Protected Attributes inherited from StiIsActiveFunctor
Bool_t _active
Bool_t _editable

Detailed Description

function object for determine a detector's active regions

Returns whether or not a given detector is active (capable of providing hit information) as a function of local z and y. Local x is not required because the detector is considered a surface, not a solid.

Ben Norman, Kent State University
March 2002

Definition at line 18 of file StiIsSvtActiveFunctor.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool StiIsSvtActiveFunctor::operator() ( Double_t  dYlocal,
Double_t  dZlocal 
) const

Determines whether the object is considered active at the given coordinates. Note that this base class implementation is implemented as an "all active/ianactive" i.e. no partition of the object is defined.

Reimplemented from StiIsActiveFunctor.

Definition at line 8 of file StiIsSvtActiveFunctor.cxx.

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