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StiLocalTrackSeedFinder Class Reference

#include <StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.h>

Inheritance diagram for StiLocalTrackSeedFinder:
StiTrackFinder Named

Public Member Functions

 StiLocalTrackSeedFinder (const string &name, const string &description, Factory< StiKalmanTrack > *trackFactory, StiHitContainer *hitContainer, StiDetectorContainer *detectorContainer)
StiTrackfindTrack (double rMin=0)
virtual void clear ()
 Reset the tracker.
virtual void initialize ()
 Initialize the finder.
virtual void print () const
Filter< StiTrack > * getTrackFilter ()
 Get the track filter currently used by the tracker.
virtual void reset ()
 Reset the tracker.
virtual void unset ()
bool isReset ()
void findTracks ()
 Find all tracks of the currently loaded event.
bool find (StiTrack *track, int direction, double rmin=0)
 Find/extend the given track, in the given direction.
- Public Member Functions inherited from StiTrackFinder
virtual void startEvent ()
 Trigger class about new event.
virtual void extendTracksToVertices (const std::vector< StiHit * > &vertices)
void setComb (int comb=7)
 Set the vertex finder used by this tracker.
int useComb () const
virtual void FeedBack (int badGood)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Named
void setName (const string &newName)
 Set the name of the object.
const string & getName () const
 Get the name of the object.
bool isName (const string &aName) const
 Determine whether name equals given name.

Protected Member Functions

StiKalmanTrackmakeTrack (StiHit *hit)
bool extendHit (StiHit &hit)
 Extend hit looking for closest neighbor in z. More...
bool extrapolate ()
 Extrapolate to next layer using straight line, add hit closest in z.
StiKalmanTrackinitializeTrack (StiKalmanTrack *)
bool fit (StiKalmanTrack *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Named
 Named (const string &aName=" ")
 Only derived class are Named.

Protected Attributes

bool _reset
Factory< StiKalmanTrack > * _trackFactory
StiSortedHitIterator _hitIter
vector< StiHit * > _seedHits
StiDefaultTrackFilter _trackFilter
double fRxyMin
- Protected Attributes inherited from StiTrackFinder
int mComb
- Protected Attributes inherited from Named
string _name


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const StiLocalTrackSeedFinder &f)

Detailed Description

StiLocalTrackSeedFinder is a concrete implementation of StiTrackFinder. It is built from a collection of StiDetectorObjects, which it stores in a vector and orders properly, then uses each detector as a layer from which a one-point seed can be generated. It then proceeds to step inwards, iteratively making a local decision at each step.

M.L. Miller (Yale Software) 10/01
Claude A Pruneau (Wayne State) Jan 2003

Definition at line 29 of file StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool StiLocalTrackSeedFinder::extendHit ( StiHit hit)

Extend hit looking for closest neighbor in z.

Extend the track seed starting from the given hit. The extension proceeds from the outside-in. It stops whenever the inner most detector hits have been used.

Definition at line 81 of file StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx.

References StiHit::detector(), StiDetectorContainer::moveIn(), and StiDetectorContainer::setToDetector().

Referenced by makeTrack().

StiTrack * StiLocalTrackSeedFinder::findTrack ( double  rMin = 0)

Produce the next track seed Loop through available hits and attempt to form a track seed Only use hits that have not been already used in fully formed tracks.

Reimplemented from StiTrackFinder.

Definition at line 48 of file StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx.

References makeTrack(), StiHit::timesUsed(), and StiHit::x().

StiKalmanTrack * StiLocalTrackSeedFinder::initializeTrack ( StiKalmanTrack track)

Initialize a kalman track on the basis of hits held in _seedHits

Definition at line 275 of file StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx.

Referenced by makeTrack().

StiKalmanTrack * StiLocalTrackSeedFinder::makeTrack ( StiHit hit)

Make a track seed starting at the given hit. The track is extended iteratively with the "extendHit" method.

Definition at line 104 of file StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx.

References extendHit(), extrapolate(), Factory< Abstract >::getInstance(), and initializeTrack().

Referenced by findTrack().

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