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StiPullHit Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StiPullHit:

Public Member Functions

void Clear (const char *opt="")
void Print (const char *option="") const
int TestIt ()
 ClassDef (StiPullHit, 3)

Public Attributes

char mBeg [1]
short mTrackNumber
unsigned char mVertex
unsigned char nAllHits
unsigned char nTpcHits
unsigned char nSvtHits
unsigned char nSsdHits
unsigned char nPxlHits
unsigned char nIstHits
unsigned char mDetector
unsigned char nHitCand
unsigned char iHitCand
UInt_t mHardwarePosition
float mNormalRefAngle
float mNormalRadius
float mNormalYOffset
float mZCenter
float mChi2
float mCurv
float mPt
float mCharge
float lXHit
float lYHit
float lZHit
float lYHitErr
float lZHitErr
float lHitEmx [3]
float lXFit
float lYFit
float lZFit
float lYFitErr
float lZFitErr
float lFitEmx [3]
float lYPul
float lZPul
float lYPulErr
float lZPulErr
float lPulEmx [3]
float lPsi
float lDip
float gRHit
float gPHit
float gZHit
float gPHitErr
float gZHitErr
float gHitEmx [3]
float gRFit
float gPFit
float gZFit
float gPFitErr
float gZFitErr
float gFitEmx [3]
float gPPul
float gZPul
float gPPulErr
float gZPulErr
float gPulEmx [3]
float gPsi
float gDip
short int mIdTruth
short int mQaTruth
char mEnd [1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 94 of file StiPullEvent.h.

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