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StiTrack Class Referenceabstract

Abstract definition of a Track. More...

#include <StiTrack.h>

Inheritance diagram for StiTrack:

Public Types

enum  StiTrackProperty {
  kCharge =0, kMass, kChi2, kDca2,
  kDca3, kFlag, kPrimaryDca, kPointCount,
  kFitPointCount, kGapCount, kTrackLength, kMaxPointCount,
  kisPrimary, kTpcDedx, kSvtDedx, kCurvature,
  kP, kPt, kRapidity, kPseudoRapidity,
  kPhi, kTanL

Public Member Functions

virtual int initialize (const vector< StiHit * > &)=0
virtual int initialize0 (const std::vector< StiHit * > &hits, StiNodePars *firstPars, StiNodePars *lastPars, StiNodeErrs *firstErrs, StiNodeErrs *lastErrs)=0
virtual int fit (int direction=kOutsideIn)
virtual bool find (int direction=kOutsideIn)
virtual void reset ()=0
virtual void unset ()
virtual void reduce ()
virtual void getMomentum (double p[3], double e[6]) const =0
virtual double getCurvature () const =0
virtual double getP () const =0
virtual double getPt () const =0
virtual double getRapidity () const =0
virtual double getPseudoRapidity () const =0
virtual double getPhi () const =0
virtual double getTanL () const =0
virtual double getDca (const StiHit *) const
virtual double getDca () const =0
virtual double getDca2 (StiTrack *t) const =0
virtual double getDca3 (StiTrack *t) const =0
virtual int getPointCount (int detectorId=0) const =0
virtual int getFitPointCount (int detectorId=0) const =0
virtual int getGapCount () const =0
virtual int getMaxPointCount (int detectorId=0) const =0
virtual UShort_t getSeedHitCount () const =0
 number of hits used to seed the track
virtual void setSeedHitCount (UShort_t c)=0
virtual double getTrackLength () const =0
virtual vector< const
StMeasuredPoint * > 
stHits () const =0
virtual double getMass () const =0
 Get mass of the particle that produced this track.
virtual int getCharge () const =0
 Get charge of the particle that produced this track.
virtual double getChi2 () const =0
 Get chi2 of this track.
virtual double getChi2Max () const =0
virtual void setFlag (int v)=0
virtual int getFlag () const =0
virtual vector< StiHit * > getHits ()=0
virtual double getValue (int key) const
int getId () const
void setId (int id)
virtual StiTrackNodeextendToVertex (StiHit *vertex)=0
virtual int refit ()=0
virtual int refitL ()=0
StiTrackoperator= (const StiTrack &tk)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setTrackFinder (StiTrackFinder *finder)
static void setTrackFitter (StiTrackFitter *fitter)
static StiTrackFindergetTrackFinder ()
static StiTrackFittergetTrackFitter ()

Protected Attributes

int mId
int mIdDb

Static Protected Attributes

static StiTrackFindertrackFinder = 0
static StiTrackFittertrackFitter = 0


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const StiTrack &track)

Detailed Description

Abstract definition of a Track.

Abstract definition of a track used in the Sti package.

Claude A Pruneau (Wayne State University)

Definition at line 59 of file StiTrack.h.

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