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StripClusterFinderIU_t Class Reference

#include <StEEmcStripClusterFinderIU.h>

Detailed Description

Stephen Gliske

See description in the header file StripClusterFinderIU.h

Stephen Gliske

The method used in the dissertation of Weighong He's. This implementation produces the same results as StEEmcIUClusterMaker::buildSmdClusters(), but includes several improvements in the implementation

One significant change in the implementation exists: whereas the StEEmcIUClusterMaker implementation prevents a strip from being a seed if it is already a member of another cluster, this implementation instead allows one to ensure that the seeds are at least a minimum number of strips apart. Setting

"mMinSeedDistance = maxExtent"

yeilds the same result as the StEEmcIUClusterMaker implementation.

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