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TCFitData Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for TCFitData:

Public Types

enum  { kMEAS =0, kSLAC =1, kCNSR =2 }
enum  { kMaxId =100 }

Public Member Functions

 TCFitData (const char *name, const char *title="")
void Reset ()
int AddPar (int tyPar, int idPar, double *par, int nPars=1, const char *name="", double tiny=0.)
int GetId (const char *name) const
int GetId (int jd) const
 Internally all parameters are consequently numbered (jd)
int GetJd (int id) const
const char * GetNam (int idx) const
int GetType (int id) const
void FixPar (int id, int yes=1)
int IsFixed (int id) const
virtual int Ready ()
virtual int Approx ()=0
virtual double Fcn ()=0
virtual double DFcn (int ipar)
virtual double DDFcn (int ipar, int jpar)
virtual double Con (int icon)
virtual double DCon (int icon, int ipar)
virtual void Update ()=0
virtual void Print (const char *name) const
void SetFitter (const TCFit *fitter)
void SetFail (int ifail)
int GetFail () const
int Modified () const
void Modify (int m=1)
void Evaluate ()
double & GetPar (int ipar)
double GetPar (int ipar) const
double GetTiny (int ipar) const
double GetFcn () const
void SetFcn (double fcn)
void SetFcn (double tiny, double big)
double GetBigFcn () const
double GetTinyFcn () const
int GetNPars () const
int GetNMeas () const
int GetNSlac () const
int GetNCons () const
int GetUPars () const
int GetUMeas () const
int GetUSlac () const
int GetUCons () const
int GetNDF () const
double ErMx (int icol, int irow) const

Protected Attributes

const TCFitfFitter
char fBeg [1]
int fFail
int fModi
 fail flag, fit is impossible
int fFlag
int fNPars [3]
 &1=1 fcn calculated from error matrix
int fNFixs [3]
 number of "measured" ,slack, constrains
double * fPars [kMaxId+1]
 number of "slack" parameters
double fTiny [kMaxId+1]
short fTyps [kMaxId+1]
 Tiny values still modifying fcn.
short fFixs [kMaxId+1]
char fIndx [kMaxId+1]
char fJndx [kMaxId+1]
double fFcn [3]
char fEnd [1]
 Current value of fcn [1].
TString fNams [kMaxId]


class Deriv1st
class Deriv2nd

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file TCFit.h.

Member Function Documentation

int TCFitData::AddPar ( int  tyPar,
int  idPar,
double *  par,
int  nPars = 1,
const char *  name = "",
double  tiny = 0. 

Add measured parameter tyPar: 0=meas, 1=slack,2=constr idPar: integer id given bu user. must be >0 and < kMaxId=100

Definition at line 416 of file TCFit.cxx.

References fNPars, fPars, and fTyps.

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