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TCircle Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TCircle:

Public Member Functions

 TCircle (const double *x, const double *dir, double rho)
 TCircle (const TCircle &fr)
 TCircle (const TCircle *fr)
TCircleoperator= (const TCircle &fr)
void Set (const double *x=0, const double *dir=0, const double rho=0)
virtual void Clear (const char *opt="")
const double * Pos () const
double * Pos ()
const double * Dir () const
double Rho () const
double & Rho ()
void Nor (double *norVec) const
void SetEmx (const double *err=0)
const TCEmx_tEmx () const
TCEmx_tEmx ()
void GetCenter (double center[2]) const
double Path (const double pnt[2]) const
double Path (const double pnt[2], const double exy[3]) const
double Path (const TCircle &tc, double *s2=0) const
double Move (double step)
void Rot (double angle)
void Rot (double cosa, double sina)
void Backward ()
double Eval (double step, double *xy, double *dir=0) const
void Show (int nPts, const double *Pts, int pstep=2) const
virtual void Print (const char *chopt="") const
void SetStrait (int strait=1)
int IsStrait ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void Test2 ()
static void Test3 ()
static void Test4 ()
static void TestMtx ()

Protected Attributes

double fX [2]
double fD [2]
double fRho


class THelixTrack
class TCircleFitter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 64 of file THelixTrack.h.

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