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TRungeKutta Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TRungeKutta:


class  TRKutaPars_t
class  TRKutaPoint

Public Types

typedef std::list< TRKutaPointTRKutaList

Public Member Functions

 TRungeKutta (int charge, const double xyz[3], const double mom[3], TRKuttaMag *mag=0)
 TRungeKutta (const TRungeKutta &from)
 TRungeKutta (const TRungeKutta *from)
 TRungeKutta (const THelixTrack_ &from, TRKuttaMag *mag=0)
TRungeKuttaoperator= (const TRungeKutta &from)
void SetMag (TRKuttaMag *mag)
void ZetMag (const double *h)
void Set (int charge, const double xyz[3], const double mom[3])
void SetEmx (const double *err=0)
void SetEmx (const THEmx3d_t *err)
THEmx3d_tEmx () const
void SetDerOn (int derOn=1)
int IsDerOn () const
void Backward ()
 Change direction.
double Move (double step)
 Move along track.
double Eval (double step, double xyz[3]=0, double mom[3]=0) const
 Evaluate params with given step along helix.
double Path (const double point[3], int idir=0, int ndca=3) const
double Path (double x, double y, int idir=0) const
 Path to nearest point to given 2dim point.
double Move ()
 Move to point founded before.
double Dca (double x, double y, double *dcaErr=0) const
 DCA to given 2dim point (with error matrix)
double Dca (const double point[3], double *dcaErr) const
const double * Pos () const
const double * Dir () const
const double * Mom () const
const double * Mag () const
double MomTot () const
double Pinv () const
void SetPinv (double Pinv)
int Charge () const
double GetCurv () const
int GetDir () const
const THDer3d_tDer () const
const TkDir_tTkDir (int idx) const
void Print (Option_t *opt="") const

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetMAG (TRKuttaMag *mag)
static void Test (int flag=3)
static void Test2 ()
static void Test3 ()
static void TestBak ()
static void TestDer ()
static void TestDer2 ()
static void TestErr (int charge=1)
static void TestErr2 (int charge=1)
static void TestSign ()

Protected Member Functions

void MakeMtx ()
void grkuta (double CHARGE, double STEP, const TRKutaPars_t &VECT, TRKutaPars_t &VOUT) const

Protected Attributes

char fBeg [1]
char fDerOn
char fCharge
TRKutaPars_t fInp
int fNStps
double fLen
TRKutaPars_t fOut
double fBInp [3]
double fBOut [3]
char fEnd [1]

Static Protected Attributes

static TRKuttaMagfgMag =0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file TRungeKutta.h.

Member Function Documentation

double TRungeKutta::Path ( const double  point[3],
int  idir = 0,
int  ndca = 3 
) const

Get current parameters Path to nearest point to given space point

Definition at line 167 of file TRungeKutta.cxx.

Referenced by Path(), and TestErr().

void TRungeKutta::TestErr ( int  charge = 1)

??? TH1.Backward();

Definition at line 1134 of file TRungeKutta.cxx.

References Eval(), Move(), Path(), TCL::trasat(), and TCL::trsinv().

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