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TkPars Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Reset ()
void Update ()
void Print (const char *tit) const
double * Arr ()
const double * Arr () const
double P () const
double E () const
TLorentzVector P4 () const
void P4D (double D[4][5]) const
TVector3 V3 () const
void Fill (THelixTrack &hlx)
void Set (const TVector3 &v3, const TVector3 &d3, double pts)
void Get (TVector3 *v3, TVector3 *d3=0, double *pts=0) const
void Rand (const TkErrs &errs)
void SetHz (double factor=1.)
TkParsoperator+= (const TkPars &a)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * Name (int mem)
static double Tiny (int mem)

Public Attributes

double dca
double z
double phi
 angle between track direction and X-axis in xy plane
double ptin
 signed invert pt [sign = sign(-qB)]
double tanl
 tangent of the track momentum dip angle
double curv
 signed curvature [sign = sign(-qB)]
double hz
 Z component magnetic field in units Pt(Gev) = Hz * RCurv(cm)
double mass
 Mass of track.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 196 of file TCFit.h.

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