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TrackFitter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

genfit::FitStatus getStatus ()
genfit::AbsTrackRep * getTrackRep ()
genfit::Track * getTrack ()
void setGenerateHistograms (bool gen)
 TrackFitter (FwdTrackerConfig _mConfig, TString geoCache)
void setup ()
void makeHistograms ()
void writeHistograms ()
TMatrixDSym CovMatPlane (KiTrack::IHit *h)
float fitSimpleCircle (Seed_t trackCand, size_t i0, size_t i1, size_t i2)
float seedState (Seed_t trackCand, TVector3 &seedPos, TVector3 &seedMom)
genfit::MeasuredStateOnPlane projectToFst (size_t si_plane, genfit::Track *fitTrack)
genfit::SharedPlanePtr getFstPlane (FwdHit *h)
TVector3 refitTrackWithSiHits (genfit::Track *originalTrack, Seed_t si_hits)
TVector3 refitTrackWithGBL (genfit::Track *originalTrack)
TVector3 fitSpacePoints (vector< genfit::SpacepointMeasurement * > spoints, TVector3 &seedPos, TVector3 &seedMom)
TVector3 fitTrack (Seed_t trackCand, double *Vertex=0, TVector3 *McSeedMom=0)
int getCharge ()
void SetIncludeVertex (bool vert)

Public Attributes

vector< genfit::SharedPlanePtr > mFTTPlanes
vector< genfit::SharedPlanePtr > mFSTPlanes
vector< genfit::SharedPlanePtr > mFSTPlanesInner
vector< genfit::SharedPlanePtr > mFSTPlanesOuter

Protected Attributes

< genfit::AbsBField > 
FwdTrackerConfig mConfig
TString mGeoCache
std::map< std::string, TH1 * > mHist
bool mGenHistograms = false
< genfit::AbsKalmanFitter > 
mFitter = nullptr
const int mPdgPiPlus = 211
const int mPdgPiMinus = -211
const int mPdgPositron = 11
const int mPdgElectron = -11
const int mPdgMuon = 13
const int mPdgAntiMuon = -13
vector< double > mFSTZLocations
vector< double > mFTTZLocations
double mVertexSigmaXY = 1
double mVertexSigmaZ = 30
vector< double > mVertexPos
bool mIncludeVertexInFit = false
genfit::FitStatus mFitStatus
genfit::AbsTrackRep * mTrackRep
genfit::Track * mFitTrack
TVector3 mP
double mQ

Detailed Description

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