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TwistPatch Class Reference

#include <TwistPatch.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void SetMagF (double mag)
 Enter magnetic field manually (if you leave it blank in patch functions)
void CorrectP05ia ()
 Turn on corrections for P05ia (on by default)
Functions to patch data
virtual void PrimaryVertex (StThreeVectorF &vtx, double mag=-999.)
virtual void PrimaryVertex (double &vx, double &vy, double &vz, double mag=-999.)
 Patch primary vertex positions (use either function)
virtual void PrimaryTrack (double &pt, double &phi, double &eta, int ch, double vz, double mag=-999.)
 Patch primary tracks.

Protected Member Functions

Functions to set parameters
void SetVtxPars ()
void SetEtaPars ()
void SetPtPars (int ew, int ch)
void SetPhiPars (int ew, int ch)

Protected Attributes

int magf
Double_t * vtxpars
Double_t * etapars
Double_t * ptpars
Double_t * phipars
TArrayD vtxparsFull
TArrayD ptparsFull
TArrayD phiparsFull
TArrayD etaparsFull

Detailed Description

Gene Van Buren, BNL, 24-May-2005
          Code to patch incorrect data from using the wrong
          Twist distortion correction.
          Default is to patch P05ia production.

Definition at line 17 of file TwistPatch.h.

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