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VoltCalibrator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VoltCalibrator ()
void setRefFile (const char *name)
void setGainFile (const char *name)
void setVoltInputFile (const char *name)
void setVoltOutputFile (const char *name)
void process ()
void createTemplates ()

Protected Attributes

const char * refFile
 Reference Gain/Volt File.
const char * gainFile
 Requested Relative Gain Change File.
const char * currentVoltFile
 Current Voltage Setting File.
const char * newVoltFile
 New Voltage Setting File.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 6 of file VoltCalibrator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VoltCalibrator::VoltCalibrator ( )


Implementation of class VoltCalibrator for the calculation of PMT high voltage settings.

Input: Three files are needed on input for this macro. They correspond to the relative gain vs HV data, the current HV settings and the required relative gain adjustment. These three files can have arbitrary names (and extension). They are identified with the methods "setRefFile", "setGainFile", and "setVoltInputFile".

Output: One file is produced on output. Its name is arbitrary and and must be set with the method "setVoltOutputFile".

Note: There are no default files and file names. All four file names (3 input, 1 output) must be set.

Operation: File names must be set with the modifier methods described above. The actual calculation is performed by the "process" method. The calculation first proceeds with the instantiation of a GainVoltCoeffCalculator wich reads in the calibration data and calculate for each PMT the gain coefficients. (see file GainVoltCoeffCalculator.cxx for documentation on the specifics on that calculation) The GainVoltCoeffCalculator instance is then used to process the calculation of new voltage settings. This first involves reading the current voltage settings as well as the requested RELATIVE gain adjustments.

Claude A Pruneau, Wayne State University

Definition at line 38 of file VoltCalibrator.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void VoltCalibrator::createTemplates ( )

A convenience method used to create template files. Do not use/call unless you actually (think) you know what you are doing.

Definition at line 141 of file VoltCalibrator.cxx.

References refFile.

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