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adamsTrackCut Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for adamsTrackCut:
franksTrackCut StHbtTrackCut StHbtParticleCut StHbtCutMonitorHandler

Public Member Functions

 adamsTrackCut (adamsTrackCut &)
virtual bool Pass (const StHbtTrack *)
virtual StHbtString Report ()
void SetPIDPThreshold (const float &)
adamsTrackCutClone ()
std::ostringstream * finalReport () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from franksTrackCut
 franksTrackCut (franksTrackCut &)
void SetPidProbElectron (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetPidProbPion (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetPidProbKaon (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetPidProbProton (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaElectron (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaPion (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaKaon (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaProton (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaAntiElectron (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaAntiPion (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaAntiKaon (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNSigmaAntiProton (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetNHits (const int &lo, const int &hi)
void SetNdEdxHits (const int &lo, const int &hi)
void SetP (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetPt (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetPx (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetPy (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetPz (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetRapidity (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetEta (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetDCA (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetDCAGlobal (const float &lo, const float &hi)
void SetCharge (const int &)
franksTrackCutClone ()
std::ostringstream * finalReport () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHbtTrackCut
 StHbtTrackCut (const StHbtTrackCut &)
virtual StHbtParticleType Type ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHbtParticleCut
 StHbtParticleCut (const StHbtParticleCut &)
double Mass ()
virtual void SetMass (const double &mass)
virtual void EventBegin (const StHbtEvent *)
virtual void EventEnd (const StHbtEvent *)
StHbtBaseAnalysisHbtAnalysis ()
void SetAnalysis (StHbtBaseAnalysis *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHbtCutMonitorHandler
StHbtCutMonitorCollection * PassMonitorColl ()
StHbtCutMonitorCollection * FailMonitorColl ()
StHbtCutMonitorPassMonitor (int n)
StHbtCutMonitorFailMonitor (int n)
void AddCutMonitor (StHbtCutMonitor *cutMoni1, StHbtCutMonitor *cutMoni2)
void AddCutMonitor (StHbtCutMonitor *cutMoni)
void AddCutMonitorPass (StHbtCutMonitor *cutMoni)
void AddCutMonitorFail (StHbtCutMonitor *cutMoni)
void FillCutMonitor (const StHbtEvent *event, bool pass)
void FillCutMonitor (const StHbtTrack *track, bool pass)
void FillCutMonitor (const StHbtV0 *v0, bool pass)
void FillCutMonitor (const StHbtKink *kink, bool pass)
void FillCutMonitor (const StHbtPair *pair, bool pass)
void FillCutMonitor (const StHbtParticleCollection *partColl)
void FillCutMonitor (const StHbtEvent *event, const StHbtParticleCollection *partColl)
void Finish ()

Protected Attributes

long mNTracksPassed
long mNTracksFailed
- Protected Attributes inherited from franksTrackCut
int mCharge
float mPidProbElectron [2]
float mPidProbPion [2]
float mPidProbKaon [2]
float mPidProbProton [2]
float mNSigmaElectron [2]
float mNSigmaPion [2]
float mNSigmaKaon [2]
float mNSigmaProton [2]
float mNSigmaAntiElectron [2]
float mNSigmaAntiPion [2]
float mNSigmaAntiKaon [2]
float mNSigmaAntiProton [2]
int mNHits [2]
int mNdEdxHits [2]
float mP [2]
float mPt [2]
float mPx [2]
float mPy [2]
float mPz [2]
float mRapidity [2]
float mEta [2]
float mDCA [2]
float mDCAGlobal [2]
long mNTracksPassed
long mNTracksFailed
- Protected Attributes inherited from StHbtParticleCut
double mMass

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file adamsTrackCut.h.

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