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dFitter3d Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 dFitter3d (TMinuit *gMinuit, TH3D *numerator, TH3D *denominator, TString opt, TString opt2)
void FillInternalArrays ()
void doFit ()
void setFitMethod (TString opt)
void mfcn (Int_t &nParamters, Double_t *gin, Double_t &finalChi2, Double_t *parameterSet, Int_t iflag)
void fcnChi2 (Int_t &nParamters, Double_t *gin, Double_t &finalChi2, Double_t *parameterSet, Int_t iflag)
void fcnMml (Int_t &nParamters, Double_t *gin, Double_t &finalChi2, Double_t *parameterSet, Int_t iflag)
double lnfactorial (double arg)
void setCorrFctn (TString opt)
double mCorrelationFunction (TVector3 &position, double *parameterSet)
double ykpCorrelationFunction (TVector3 &position, double *parameterSet)
double bpCorrelationFunction (TVector3 &position, double *parameterSet)
TH3D * Numerator ()
TH3D * Denominator ()
TH3D * Ratio ()
void SetNormFactor (double norm)
double Norm ()
void SetThresholdNumerator (double thresN)
void SetThresholdDenominator (double thresD)
double ThresholdNumerator ()
double ThresholdDenominator ()
void SetHistos (TH3D *numerator, TH3D *denominator)
TMinuit * getMinuit ()
void SetSphereLimit (double limit)
double GetSphereLimit ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file dFitter3d.h.

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