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eventChannel Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for eventChannel:
readLuminosity Gammaavectormeson Gammagammaleptonpair Gammagammasingle Gammaanarrowvm Gammaawidevm psiFamily

Public Member Functions

 eventChannel (const inputParameters &input, beamBeamSystem &bbsystem)
unsigned long nmbAttempts () const
 returns number of attempted events
unsigned long nmbAccepted () const
 returns number of accepted events
virtual starlightConstants::event produceEvent (int &ievent)=0
virtual upcEvent produceEvent ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from readLuminosity
 readLuminosity (const inputParameters &input)
void read ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void transform (const double betax, const double betay, const double betaz, double &E, double &px, double &py, double &pz, int &iFbadevent)
 Lorentz-transforms given 4-vector.
static double pseudoRapidity (const double px, const double py, const double pz)
 calculates pseudorapidity for given 3-momentum

Public Attributes

randomGenerator _randy
beamBeamSystem _bbs
- Public Attributes inherited from readLuminosity
double _Warray [starlightLimits::MAXWBINS]
double _Yarray [starlightLimits::MAXYBINS]
double _Farray [starlightLimits::MAXWBINS][starlightLimits::MAXYBINS]
double _f_max
double _fptarray [500][500]
double _bwnormsave

Protected Attributes

unsigned long _nmbAttempts
 number of attempted events
unsigned long _nmbAccepted
 number of accepted events
bool _ptCutEnabled
 en/disables cut in pt
double _ptCutMin
 minimum pt, if cut is enabled
double _ptCutMax
 maximum pt, if cut is enabled
bool _etaCutEnabled
 en/disables cut in eta
double _etaCutMin
 minimum eta, if cut is enabled
double _etaCutMax
 maximum eta, if cut is enabled
- Protected Attributes inherited from readLuminosity
int _ReadInputNPT
int _ReadInputnumy
int _ReadInputnumw
int _ReadInputgg_or_gP
int _ReadInputinterferencemode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file eventchannel.h.

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