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fcfClass Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 fcfClass (int det, u_short *table=NULL)
int finder (u_char *adcin, u_short *cppin, u_int *outres)
int saveRes (struct fcfResx *res_p[], int cou, u_int *output)
void set8to10 (u_short *extTable)

Public Attributes

u_int cvs_revision
int detector
u_int maxTimebin
u_int maxCPP
u_int svtPedestal
u_int timebinLo
u_int timebinHi
u_int chargeMin
u_int deconTime
u_int deconPad
u_int doCuts
int param1
int minAdcT
int minAdcPad
int row
int padStart
int padStop
int padMax
u_int * adcOff
u_short * cppOff
u_int maxClusters
short * simIn
u_int * simOut
int * t0Corr
u_int * gainCorr
u_short * startFlags
int sb
int rb
int mz

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file fcfClass.hh.

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