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fcs_data_c Class Reference


struct  det_map_t
struct  fcs_ped_inline_t
struct  fcs_ped_t
struct  rdo_map_t
struct  statistics_t

Public Member Functions

void run_start (u_int run_number, int type)
void run_stop (int bad_ped)
void ped_start ()
void ped_stop (int bad_ped)
int start (u_short *d16, int shorts)
int hdr_event ()
int event ()
int accum (u_int ch, u_int tb, u_short adc)
int ana_ch ()
int event_end (int how)
int event_stream ()
int event_pre_fy19 ()
int accum_pre_fy19 (u_int ch, u_int tb, u_short adc)
u_short set_rdo (int rdo1)
int zs_start (u_short *results)

Static Public Member Functions

static int ped_from_cache (const char *fname)
static int gain_from_cache (const char *fname=0)
static int load_rdo_map (const char *fname=0)
static int load_readout_map (const char *fname=0)
static int load_sc_map (const char *fname=0)
static int load_bad_ch (const char *fname=0, int sector=0)
static int load_stage_params (int sec1, const char *fname=0)
static void ped_lock ()
static void ped_unlock ()
static void ped_mutex_init ()
static long dep_to_char (int det, int ns, int dep)

Public Attributes

u_char log_level
u_int events
u_char realtime
char want_saved
u_char id
u_short * dta_p
u_short * dta_stop
u_short * dta_start
int dta_shorts
u_int bad_error
u_int err_count
u_int adc_xings [FCS_SECTOR_COU][8][32]
u_char mark [8 *1024]
u_char sector
u_char rdo
u_short board_id
u_int rhic_freq
u_char fee_state
u_int version
u_int hdr_trg_word
u_int hdr_rhic_counter
u_short hdr_board_id
int hdr_sector
int hdr_rdo
u_int hdr_det
u_int hdr_ns
u_int hdr_dep
short token
u_char daq_cmd
u_char trg_cmd
u_char trgd_event
char * ascii_p
int ascii_words
int ch
int tb_cou
u_short adc [8 *1024]
int ch_count
u_int rhic_start
unsigned long long ch_mask_seen
int first_tb_cou

Static Public Attributes

static u_char ascii_no
static u_int run_number
static u_int run_type
static float n_sigma
static float n_sigma_epd
static float n_sigma_hcal
static short n_pre
static short n_post
static short n_cou
static char n_mode
static u_short ht_threshold
static u_short tb_pre
static u_short tb_all
static struct fcs_ped_t ped [FCS_SECTOR_COU][8]
static struct rdo_map_t rdo_map [FCS_SECTOR_COU][8]
static struct det_map_t det_map [4][2][24]
static u_char rdo_map_loaded
static u_char fcs_bad_ch_all [FCS_SECTOR_COU][8][34]
static u_char fcs_bad_ch [8][34]
static const char * stage_labels [32]
static int stage_params_txt [32]
static struct
statistics [8]
static pthread_mutex_t ped_mutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file fcs_data_c.h.

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