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fgtPed Class Reference


struct  fgt_stat_t
struct  peds_t

Public Member Functions

 fgtPed (int rts_id)
void init (int active_rbs)
void clear ()
void clear_from_cache ()
void accum (char *evbuff, int bytes, int rdo1)
void calc ()
int to_evb (char *buff)
double do_thresh (double n_sigma, int k_seq, int log_bad)
int do_zs (char *src, int in_bytes, char *dst, int rdo1)
int run_stop ()
int from_cache (char *fname=0)
int to_cache (char *fname, u_int run, int dont_cache)
int bad_from_cache (char *fname=0)

Public Attributes

int valid
int rts_id
int tb_cou_xpect
int tb_cou_ped
u_int total_charge
struct fgtPed::peds_t peds [FGT_RDO_COU]
struct fgtPed::peds_t peds_from_cache [FGT_RDO_COU]
daq_fgtfgt_rdr [FGT_RDO_COU]
int rb_mask
int k_seq
double n_sigma
struct fgtPed::fgt_stat_t fgt_stat [FGT_RDO_COU]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file fgtPed.h.

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