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ipcQClass Class Reference


struct  ipcQStruct

Public Member Functions

 ipcQClass (int id, int create=1, u_short node_id=0)
void dup (int tsk, int create=1, u_short node_id=0)
int send (void *ptr, int bytes, int tmout)
int receive (void *ptr, int bytes, int tmout)
int send (struct msgbuf *msg, int bytes, int tmout)
int receive (struct msgbuf *msg, int bytes, int tmout)
int peek (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static int remove (int id, u_short node_id=0)
static ipcQClassfind (u_short node, int task, int crea=0)

Public Attributes

int task
u_short node
u_int snd_seq
u_int rcv_seq
u_int snd_ticks [4]
u_int rcv_ticks [4]
u_int msg_ticks [4]
u_char snd_blocked
u_char rcv_blocked

Static Public Attributes

static class ipcQClassdaqTasks [256]
static struct ipcQClass::ipcQStruct queue_list [256]
static u_int queue_num

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file ipcQLib.hh.

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