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photonNucleusCrossSection Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for photonNucleusCrossSection:
narrowResonanceCrossSection photonNucleusLuminosity wideResonanceCrossSection

Public Member Functions

 photonNucleusCrossSection (const inputParameters &input, const beamBeamSystem &bbsystem)
double slopeParameter () const
 returns slope of t-distribution [(GeV/c)^{-2}]
double getChannelMass () const
 returns mass of the produced system [GeV/c^2]
double getBNORM () const
double luminosity () const
 returns luminosity [10^{26} cm^{-2} sec^{-1}]
beamBeamSystem getbbs () const
 returns beamBeamSystem
double vmPhotonCoupling () const
 vectormeson-photon coupling constant f_v / 4 pi (cf. Eq. 10 in KN PRC 60 (1999) 014903)
double getDefaultC () const
double maxPhotonEnergy () const
 returns max photon energy in lab frame [GeV] (for vectormesons only)
void crossSectionCalculation (const double bwnormsave)
double getcsgA (const double Egamma, const double W)
double photonFlux (const double Egamma)
double sigmagp (const double Wgp)
double sigma_A (const double sig_N)
double breitWigner (const double W, const double C)

Detailed Description

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