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rb Class Referenceabstract
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Public Types

typedef rorcReadyFifo_t rbFifo_t

Public Member Functions

 rb (int board, int ch, int fifo_cou, u_int buff_bytes)
virtual int cmd (u_char cmd, u_int param=0, u_int dest=4)
virtual int read (u_int param=0)
virtual int write (char *inbuff, int bytes, int nodelay=0, int param=0)
virtual int busy ()
virtual int config (int emul=0)
virtual int open (char *vbuff=0, u_int pbuf=0)
virtual void close ()
virtual int start (u_int w=4)=0
virtual int stop ()=0
virtual int get (char **addr, u_int *status)=0
virtual int get_priority (char **addr, u_int *status, int *fifo_ix=0)
virtual int free (char *addr)=0
virtual int free_ix (int ix)=0
virtual int mark (char *addr, u_int how=0)=0
virtual int inject (int token)
virtual int link_check ()
virtual int get_free_fifos ()
virtual void emu_place_event (int ix, char *event, int bytes)
virtual void emu_go ()

Public Attributes

u_int alloced_bytes
int configd
int emulation
int emu_fifo_length [128]
volatile rbFifo_tsfifo
volatile rbFifo_trfifo
int board
int ch
char * buff
int fifo_cou
u_int buff_bytes
char * rbuff
char * sbuff

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file rb.hh.

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