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sfs_index Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for sfs_index:

Public Member Functions

int getInodeSize (fs_inode *inode, SfsDirsize *sz)
int getDirSize (char *dir, SfsDirsize *sz)
int mountSingleDir (char *fn, int offset=0)
int getSingleDirSize (char *fn, int offset)
int mountSingleDirMem (char *buff, int size, int offset=0)
int mountSingleDir ()
int mountNextDir ()
int _create ()
void dump (int)
int getwritevsz (fs_iovec *fsiovec, int n)
int writev_call_retry (int fd, iovec *iovec, int vec)
int writev (fs_iovec *fsiovec, int n)
int writev_sticky (fs_iovec *iovec, int n, int *sticky)
int write (char *fn, char *buff, int sz)
int putfileheader (char *ptr, char *fn, int filesz, int flags=SFS_ATTR_NOCD)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fs_index
int mountmem (char *buffer, int sz, int flags)
int mount (char *filename, int flags, int perms=0666)
int mount (int fd)
int mount (int ip, int port)
void umount ()
int mountsz ()
int cd (char *fn)
char * pwd ()
fs_diropendir (const char *dir)
void closedir (fs_dir *dir)
fs_direntreaddir (fs_dir *dir, fs_dirent *storage=NULL)
fs_direntreaddirent (const char *name, fs_dirent *storage=NULL)
fs_direntopendirent (const char *name)
int mem_ls (fs_filelist *filelist, int recurse, fs_dir *dir)
int read (const char *fn, char *buff, int sz)
int fileSize (const char *fn)
void getFullPath (char *fullname, const char *name)

Static Public Member Functions

static int getfileheadersz (char *fn)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from fs_index
static void hexdump (char *buff, int sz)

Public Attributes

int singleDirMount
int singleDirOffset
int singleDirSize
int nextSingleDirOffset
- Public Attributes inherited from fs_index
char cwd [256]
int n_inodes
wrapfile wfile

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from fs_index
fs_inodefind_child (fs_inode *parent, char *name)
void free_inode (fs_inode *inode)
fs_inodealloc_inode (const char *name, int off, int sz, int overhead)
int initmount ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from fs_index
int cdchanged
int oflags
int index_created
char * writevbuff
int writevbuffsz
char * _strtok_static_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 129 of file sfs_index.h.

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