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tpc23_base Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for tpc23_base:
itpc23 tpx23


struct  blob_t
struct  peaks_t
struct  row_pad_t
struct  s1_t
struct  seq_t
struct  sim_dta_t

Public Member Functions

int run_start ()
int run_stop ()
int evt_start ()
int evt_stop ()
virtual int rdo_scan (char *mem, int words)
virtual int from22to23 (char *dta, int words)
int gains_from_cache (const char *fname=0)
virtual u_int get_token_s (char *c_addr, int words)
int load_replay (const char *fname, int sec_soft)
virtual u_int set_rdo (int sec, int rdo)
void sim_evt_start (int sector)
int do_ch_sim (int row, int pad, u_short *adc, int *track_id)
int init (daq_dta *gain)
int row_stage1 (int row)
int row_stage2 (int row)

Static Public Member Functions

static int fcf_decode (u_int *p_buff, daq_sim_cld_x *dc, u_int version)

Public Attributes

u_char rts_id
u_char fmt
u_char online
u_char subdet_id
u_char sector1
u_char rdo1
u_char rb_mask
u_char id
u_char run_type
u_char log_level
u_char trg_cmd
u_char daq_cmd
u_short token
u_char no_cld
u_char mode
u_int last_ix
int sequence_cou
u_int evt
u_int evt_trgd
u_int err
u_int run_errors
struct row_pad_t(* rp_gain )[ROW_MAX+1][PAD_MAX+1]
int rowlen [ROW_MAX+1]
int row_min
int row_max
u_short * s1_dta
int s1_bytes
struct tpc23_base::s1_t s1 [ROW_MAX+1][PAD_MAX+1]
struct tpc23_base::blob_t blob [PAD_MAX *SEQ_MAX]
int blob_cou
int blob_ix [PAD_MAX *SEQ_MAX]
struct tpc23_base::peaks_t peaks [512]
int peaks_cou
u_short store [PAD_MAX+1][512]
short smooth [PAD_MAX+1][512]
u_int * s2_start
u_int * s2_dta
int s2_max_words
int s2_words
int * s1_track_id
int * store_track_id
int sim_track_id
int sim_quality
int sim_max_adc

Static Public Attributes

static const int ROW_MAX = 45
static const int PAD_MAX = 182
static const int SEQ_MAX = 64
static const int SIM_FIFOS = 64
static itpcDatadata_c
static short bad_fee_cou [24][46]
static short bad_fee [24][46][36]
static struct tpc23_base::sim_dta_t sim_dta [SIM_FIFOS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file tpc23_base.h.

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