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tpxFCF_2D Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for tpxFCF_2D:


struct  blob_common_t
struct  blob_seq_t
struct  blob_t

Public Member Functions

void output (void *data, int count)
int stage_2d (u_int *outbuff, int max_bytes)
int do_pad_2d (tpx_altro_struct *a, daq_sim_adc_tb *sim_adc=0)
void start_evt_2d (int sec1, int rdo1)
int do_dump (int ix, u_int *obuff)
int do_print (int row)
int do_peaks (int peaks_cou)
void do_track_id (int peaks_cou)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tpxFCF
void config (unsigned int rb_mask, int modes=0, int rows=0, unsigned char *rowlen=0)
void apply_gains (int sector, tpxGain *gains)
void start_evt ()
int do_pad (tpx_altro_struct *a, daq_sim_adc_tb *extra=0)
int stage2 (unsigned int *outbuff, int max_bytes)
void config2 (int sec, int rdo, int modes=0, int rows=0, unsigned char *rowlen=0)
void apply_gains2 (tpxGain *gains)
void start_evt2 (int sec1, int rdo1)
void set_id (int id)
const char * GetCVS () const
int is_pad_valid (int row, int pad)
void event_debug ()

Public Attributes

int row
int event
int cluster_id
int data_raw_shorts
short * data_raw
short * data_raw_p
short * p_row_pad [100][183]
struct tpxFCF_2D::blob_t blobs [MAX_BLOB_COUNT]
struct tpxFCF_2D::blob_common_t blob_c
struct {
   double   f_charge
   double   f_p_ave
   double   f_t_ave
   short   p1
   short   p2
   short   t1
   short   t2
   short   i
   short   j
   short   flags
   short   pix_cou
   short   aux_flags
   u_short   cluster_id
   short   quality
   u_short   track_id
short dta [64 *1024]
short * dta_s
u_short dta_t [32 *1024]
u_short dta_id [32 *1024]
- Public Attributes inherited from tpxFCF
int modes
char do_cuts
char run_compatibility
int ch_min
int fcf_style
int sector
int rdo
int row_count

Static Public Attributes

static const int MAX_BLOB_COUNT = 400
static const int MAX_SEQ_PER_BLOB = 256
static const int MAX_PEAKS_PER_BLOB = 30
static const int MAX_LATE_MERGE = 64
static const int MAX_PADS_PER_RDO = 1152

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from tpxFCF
static int fcf_decode (unsigned int *p_buff, daq_cld *dc, unsigned short version=0)
static int fcf_decode (unsigned int *p_buff, daq_sim_cld *sdc, unsigned short version=0)
static int afterburner (int cou, daq_cld *store[])
static char * fcf_flags (u_char flags)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tpxFCF
struct s_static_storageget_static (int row, int pad)
- Protected Attributes inherited from tpxFCF
unsigned char * tpx_rowlen
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from tpxFCF
static struct s_static_storagegain_storage [24][256]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file tpxFCF_2D.h.

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