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StEEmcGenericPointMaker is responsible for storing the points found by the user's algorithm. The addPoint(), addSmdPoint(), and addTowerPoint() methods are called in order to store the point found by the algorithm. Calling these methods allows the maker to assign a unique ID to the point, and to keep track of the association between points and clusters.

types of points

There are three types of points defined in this class: points, smd points and tower points. The "smd points" and "tower points" are meant to hold information from only one subsystem of the endcap. Tower points are points derived from only tower information and smd points are derived only from SMD information.

The third type, "points", make use of both tower and SMD information to form our "best guess" list of photon/electron candidates.

Three methods are provided: buildPoints(), buildSmdPoints() and buildTowerPoints(). It is recommended that the user utilize these methods when building more than one type of point. The addPoint(), addSmdPoint(), and addTowerPoint() methods should always be used to add the points found in the algorithm to the data structures.