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EvtDescData Struct Reference

Public Attributes

unsigned short TCUdataBytes
char TCUEvtDesc
BYTE TrgDataFmtVer
uint bunchXing_hi
uint bunchXing_lo
Info1 TCU1
Info2 TCU2
Info5 TCU5
ushort npre
ushort npost
unsigned char TrgDataFmtVer
unsigned int bunchXing_hi
unsigned int bunchXing_lo
unsigned short actionWdDetectorBitMask
unsigned char actionWdTrgCommand
unsigned char actionWdDaqCommand
unsigned short TrgToken
unsigned short addBits
unsigned short DSMInput
unsigned short externalBusy
unsigned short modifiedBusyStatus
unsigned short physicsWord
unsigned short TriggerWord
unsigned short DSMAddress
unsigned short contaminationBusyStatus
unsigned short npre
unsigned short npost
unsigned short dummy
char name [3]
char TrgDataFmtVer
int length
unsigned short internalBusy
unsigned short TCU_Mark
unsigned short res1
union {
   struct {
      unsigned short   physicsWord
      unsigned short   TriggerWord
   unsigned int   tcuCtrBunch
Info3 TCU3

Detailed Description

Definition at line 150 of file trgStructures-Jan2002.h.

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