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HWHARD_t Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

Double_t & clq (Int_t i, Int_t j)
Double_t & disf (Int_t i, Int_t j)
Double_t & epoln (Int_t i)
Double_t & gcoef (Int_t i)
Double_t & ppoln (Int_t i)
Double_t & xx (Int_t i)
Int_t & ibrn (Int_t i)
Int_t & ico (Int_t i)
Int_t & idn (Int_t i)
Int_t & mapq (Int_t i)

Public Attributes

Double_t asfixd
Double_t _clq [6][7]
Double_t coss
Double_t costh
Double_t ctmax
Double_t _disf [2][13]
Double_t emlst
Double_t emmax
Double_t emmin
Double_t empow
Double_t emsca
Double_t _epoln [3]
Double_t _gcoef [7]
Double_t gpoln
Double_t omega0
Double_t phomas
Double_t _ppoln [3]
Double_t ptmax
Double_t ptmin
Double_t ptpow
Double_t q2max
Double_t q2min
Double_t q2pow
Double_t q2wwmn
Double_t q2wwmx
Double_t qlim
Double_t sins
Double_t thmax
Double_t y4jt
Double_t tmnisr
Double_t tqwt
Double_t _xx [2]
Double_t xlmin
Double_t xxmin
Double_t ybmax
Double_t ybmin
Double_t yjmax
Double_t yjmin
Double_t ywwmax
Double_t ywwmin
Double_t whmin
Double_t zjmax
Double_t zmxisr
Int_t iaphig
Int_t _ibrn [2]
Int_t ibsh
Int_t _ico [10]
Int_t idcmf
Int_t _idn [10]
Int_t iflmax
Int_t iflmin
Int_t ihpro
Int_t ipro
Int_t _mapq [6]
Int_t maxfl
Bool_t bgshat
Bool_t colisr
Bool_t fstevt
Bool_t fstwgt
Bool_t genev
Bool_t hvfcen
Bool_t tpol
Bool_t durham

Detailed Description

Definition at line 298 of file Herwig6.h.

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