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HWPRAM_t Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

Double_t & afch (Int_t i, Int_t j)
Double_t & clsmr (Int_t i)
Double_t & psplt (Int_t i)
Double_t & qfch (Int_t i)
Double_t & vfch (Int_t i, Int_t j)
Double_t & vckm (Int_t i, Int_t j)
Int_t & modpdf (Int_t i)
Int_t & iop4jt (Int_t i)
Int_t & cldir (Int_t i)

Public Attributes

Double_t _afch [2][16]
Double_t alphem
Double_t b1lim
Double_t betaf
Double_t btclm
Double_t cafac
Double_t cffac
Double_t clmax
Double_t clpow
Double_t _clsmr [2]
Double_t cspeed
Double_t ensof
Double_t etamix
Double_t f0mix
Double_t f1mix
Double_t f2mix
Double_t gamh
Double_t gamw
Double_t gamz
Double_t gamzp
Double_t gev2nb
Double_t h1mix
Double_t pdiqk
Double_t pgsmx
Double_t _pgspl [4]
Double_t phimix
Double_t pifac
Double_t prsof
Double_t _psplt [2]
Double_t ptrms
Double_t pxrms
Double_t qcdl3
Double_t qcdl5
Double_t qcdlam
Double_t qdiqk
Double_t _qfch [16]
Double_t qg
Double_t qspac
Double_t qv
Double_t scabi
Double_t swein
Double_t tmtop
Double_t _vfch [2][16]
Double_t _vckm [3][3]
Double_t vgcut
Double_t vqcut
Double_t vpcut
Double_t zbinm
Double_t effmin
Double_t omhmix
Double_t et2mix
Double_t ph3mix
Double_t gcutme
Int_t ioprem
Int_t iprint
Int_t ispac
Int_t lrsud
Int_t lwsud
Int_t _modpdf [2]
Int_t nbtry
Int_t ncolo
Int_t nctry
Int_t ndtry
Int_t netry
Int_t nflav
Int_t ngspl
Int_t nstru
Int_t nstry
Int_t nzbin
Int_t _iop4jt [2]
Int_t nprfmt
Bool_t azsoft
Bool_t azspin
Int_t _cldir [2]
Bool_t hardme
Bool_t nospac
Bool_t prndec
Bool_t prvtx
Bool_t softme
Bool_t zprime
Bool_t prndef
Bool_t prntex
Bool_t prnweb

Detailed Description

Definition at line 127 of file Herwig6.h.

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