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RawTrgDet2004 Struct Reference

Public Attributes

unsigned short RawDetBytes
char RawDetHeader [2]
unsigned short CTBdataBytes
char CTBdataHeader [2]
unsigned char CTB [256]
unsigned short MWCdataBytes
char MWCdataHeader [2]
unsigned int MWCfiller
unsigned char MWC [128]
unsigned short BEMCdataBytes
char BEMCdataHeader [2]
unsigned int BEMCfiller
unsigned char BEMCEast [240]
unsigned char BEMCWest [240]
unsigned short BEMClayer1 [48]
unsigned short EEMCdataBytes
char EEMCdataHeader [2]
unsigned int EEMCfiller
unsigned short EEMClayer1 [16]
unsigned char EEMC [144]
unsigned short FPDdataBytes
char FPDdataHeader [2]
unsigned int FPDfiller
unsigned char FPDEastNSLayer0 [112]
unsigned short FPDEastNSLayer1 [8]
unsigned char FPDEastTBLayer0 [64]
unsigned short FPDEastTBLayer1 [8]
unsigned char FPDWestNSLayer0 [112]
unsigned short FPDWestNSLayer1 [8]
unsigned char FPDWestTBLayer0 [64]
unsigned short FPDWestTBLayer1 [8]
unsigned short BBCdataBytes
char BBCdataHeader [2]
unsigned int BBCfiller
unsigned char BBC [80]
unsigned short BBClayer1 [16]
unsigned char ZDCSMD [32]
unsigned char ZDC [16]
unsigned short ZDClayer1 [8]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 159 of file trgStructures2004.h.

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