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Row_t Struct Reference

Public Attributes

Float_t day
Float_t date
Float_t time
Float_t ut
Float_t run
Float_t dvel
Float_t Dbdvel
Float_t barometricPressure
Float_t inputTPCGasPressure
Float_t nitrogenPressure
Float_t gasPressureDiff
Float_t inputGasTemperature
Float_t outputGasTemperature
Float_t flowRateArgon1
Float_t flowRateArgon2
Float_t flowRateMethane
Float_t percentMethaneIn
Float_t ppmOxygenIn
Float_t flowRateExhaust
Float_t percentMethaneOut
Float_t ppmWaterOut
Float_t ppmOxygenOut
Float_t flowRateRecirculation
Float_t barometricPressureAv
Float_t inputGasTemperatureAv
Float_t outputGasTemperatureAv
Float_t percentMethaneInAv
Float_t percentMethaneOutAv

Detailed Description

Definition at line 312 of file Db2NtDv.C.

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