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Run_t Struct Reference

Public Attributes

Float_t run
Float_t date
Float_t time
Float_t events
Float_t day
Float_t dvAll
Float_t ddvAll
Float_t dvWest
Float_t ddvWest
Float_t dvEast
Float_t ddvEast
Float_t slAll
Float_t dslAll
Float_t slWest
Float_t dslWest
Float_t slEast
Float_t dslEast
Float_t vWest
Float_t vEast
Float_t zWI
Float_t dzWI
Float_t zEI
Float_t dzEI
Float_t zWO
Float_t dzWO
Float_t zEO
Float_t dzEO
Float_t utime
Float_t ok
Float_t dvSet
Float_t XWI
Float_t dXWI
Float_t XEI
Float_t dXEI
Float_t XWO
Float_t dXWO
Float_t XEO
Float_t dXEO
Float_t YWI
Float_t dYWI
Float_t YEI
Float_t dYEI
Float_t YWO
Float_t dYWO
Float_t YEO
Float_t dYEO

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file LanaTrees.C.

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