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StBTofCellData Struct Reference

Public Attributes

Int_t run
Int_t evt
Float_t vertexX
Float_t vertexY
Float_t vertexZ
Int_t vpdEast
Int_t vpdWest
Int_t numberOfVpdEast
Int_t numberOfVpdWest
Double_t tStart
Float_t tDiff
Float_t vpdVz
Double_t vpdLeEast [19]
Double_t vpdTotEast [19]
Double_t vpdLeWest [19]
Double_t vpdTotWest [19]
Int_t nTofHits
Int_t tray [kMaxHits]
Int_t module [kMaxHits]
Int_t cell [kMaxHits]
Double_t leTime [kMaxHits]
Double_t tot [kMaxHits]
Int_t matchFlag [kMaxHits]
Float_t yLocal [kMaxHits]
Float_t zLocal [kMaxHits]
Float_t thetaLocal [kMaxHits]
Float_t xGlobal [kMaxHits]
Float_t yGlobal [kMaxHits]
Float_t zGlobal [kMaxHits]
Int_t trackId [kMaxHits]
Int_t charge [kMaxHits]
Float_t pt [kMaxHits]
Float_t eta [kMaxHits]
Float_t phi [kMaxHits]
Float_t dcaX [kMaxHits]
Float_t dcaY [kMaxHits]
Float_t dcaZ [kMaxHits]
Int_t nHits [kMaxHits]
Int_t nHitsFit [kMaxHits]
Float_t dedx [kMaxHits]
Int_t nHitsDedx [kMaxHits]
Float_t nSigE [kMaxHits]
Float_t nSigPi [kMaxHits]
Float_t nSigK [kMaxHits]
Float_t nSigP [kMaxHits]
Float_t tofCorr [kMaxHits]
Float_t beta [kMaxHits]
Float_t length [kMaxHits]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file StBTofCellData.h.

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